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    Asian sperm donor in Saigon Vietnam. Looking to have kids with women or couples in need. I can send my sperm to you by mail or I can offer natural insemination until pregnancy is achieved. I’d love to have more than 1 kid with a woman. I can be an invisible father (keeping contact) or out of the child’s life completely. I will accept my responsibility as a man and a father of my children.

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    We are a women married couple. We are looking for a vietnamese donor who is ok to meet the kids and be present when we come over to visit.
    We live in Paris, France and we have a stable and good situation. we would like to have 3 kids with the same donor.
    Do not hesitate to contact us.
    Thank you :)

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    I’m a Vietnamese handsome and smart guy. I would like to donor and have kids before getting older. I have noble blood.

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