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    I have put off having a child for years now – waiting for the right ‘relationship’ to share this journey. As you can see, i am at the point where i can no longer wait – and dont wish to.

    I am an educated single female, in a professional job. I am looking for a donor only. I should disclose that i am a lesbian and therefore, the child would be raised in a same-sex relationship.

    I have a support network of friends and family, who are very much excited about the prospect of having a baby in the family. My ideal donor would be tall with dark hair (only because the men in my family are all short :0)But that is not a ‘must’!!

    Contact wise….i would be happy if the donor would like to know when the child is born and what sex it is. I would also be happy to send a picture yearly if the donor would like. I expect no financial or emotional input from the donor. I would like the child to know ‘who’ its father is, and if when it turns 18, the two of you want to meet – that is fine with me.

    The way i would like to do this is by emailing at first, followed by a couple/few meetings to get a feel for each other. I would want the donor to have some tests for STDs beforehand, of which i am happy to pay for. I am wanting to use fresh sperm, which would mean that the donor would have to be ‘available’ a few times around ovulation (who would have thought it was so involved creating a baby! :0) Obviously, it will be the ‘into a jar, and self inseminate’ method.

    So, if i am lucky enough that there is a guy patient and willing enough to help out on this matter – i would love to hear from you.

    I, in no way, think this is a small thing to do (donating semen). So even if you are just contemplating this….thank you.

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    I am looking to have a child. I am interested in both being a parent as well as a donor if a loving situation is already established. I am white, single, 6′ with brown hair and green eyes. German/Irish decent. Cute, good genes no Cancer/Mental Illness etc. High sperm count. Looking for a female in the NYC area. Email me at *** Put baby in the subject so I know your legit.


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