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    Norwegian & German back ground offering to strait women wanting to become pregnant.
    I am in the Pacific NW state so I can travel to assist in coming pregnancy’s by NI or AI way.
    If you want blond & green or gray blue eyes in a child that is most likely what my genes can produce a child for you.
    My family strongly produces more girls than boys and I am 5/7 tall with weight through my life has been 135 to 165 pounds so I can be a good sperm donor for making little girls that grow up perfect in height and weight for women.
    I am STD free so natural sex to produce children is preferable and also cost nothing just provide me a place to stay during time to produce a pregnancy.
    I know I have good sperm because one of my girlfriend became pregnant but she didn’t want the pregnancy.

    Photo’s of me as an Adult and child gladly shared from email.

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    I hope these words find you well. Before we get to too much, would you potentially be able to travel to tucson az?

    Im a single, 41 year old 3rd grade teacher with two dogs and a cat.
    I live in a nice little house that is perfect for me. (I can offer a place to stay if you were to come and i prefer natural insemination/ intercourse.)
    I have my Masters from a prestigious college as well.

    If you think you might be able to help me achieve my dream, you would be my angel.

    I look forward to hearing back.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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