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    Ya Know….

    …I thought long and hard about being a sperm donor for the first time, and I actually thought proud of myself for trying to put myself “out there” in order to help another human to create life. And much to my surprise and disgust, everyone I have been contacted by, is SO rude and So filled with self importance and self Entitlement, I gave it a WIIIIDE Berth for the longest time and did not help anyone.

    Ladies….just a heads up: Sperm is bloody sperm!

    If you haven’t got the resources to pay for IVF or any other method, please consider the feelings of a donor. This is NOT a Bloody dating website.

    It’s sperm! Not a relationship in a friggin test tube…SPERM. How you get your hands on it is not important….not to us.

    REMEMBER: Giving birthand gestating a new life is a Right. Being given the ability to exercise that right by a complete stranger IS a privilege.

    Act accordingly!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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