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    My partner and I are seeking a Caucasian sperm donor.

    Although we are not too fastidious about the appearance of our donor, we would like our child to share characteristics similar to our own.

    We are therefore looking for a donor with brown hair, green/brown/hazel eyes, medium to olive complexion, average in build and average to tall in height.

    We would prefer a donor who has a history of involvement in sporting activities and has completed or is undertaking tertiary studies.

    We are a settled professional Gold Coast couple, aged between 26-30 who both have the benefit of a close knit extended local family and friend support network. Whilst we both work in a professional capacity we have a sound work life balance and considerable flexibility. We are well travelled and financially stable.

    Drug and STI (STD) checks are required and family health history is a necessity.

    Artificial Insemination only. We are not looking for co-parenting donors and request that only donors who are serious about being a donor respond.

    We are willing to travel interstate.

    We look forward to the opportunity to bring a child into our life.

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    My husband maybe able to assist you with a sperm donation in exchange for an egg donation. He is 5’10 in height, has green eyes, and medium skin tone and quite intelligent. He is not athletic but only due to a disc injury in his back. He has an easy going open minded nature and family is relatively healthy.

    We would like to find someone who is willing to donate their egg to us so we can go through ivf to have our third and last child. We would then either donate embryos back to you or provide sperm for IVF or IUI for you. We would not expect much contact but as the children would be genetic siblings would want yearly updates in case of problem
    He has undergone all tests for STD’s etc and blood type is O+.

    It is a little unusual i know but we thought there is no harm in asking. email ******


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