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    Hey there! I am going to refrain from using any truly personal information until a more serious relationship is established. But besides that, I want to share some information about myself. I am currently a pre-med student, residing in a relatively large city located in the mid-west. My birthplace is Redondo Beach, California. I have moved back and forth between the mid-west and southern California throughout my life. At the moment my priorities are focused on school. I am striving towards the completion of my undergrad degree in (Pre-Med) Biology. I just completed my freshman year of college and am currently attending summer classes. I have been recognized on the dean’s list as well as the honor roll for my academic success for both semesters of my freshman year. I have done a couple internships and am trying to secure more. I am set on becoming a specialized surgeon in the medical field. As a person, I feel that I am a kind individual as well as outgoing; however, I also have a very serious and professional side in regards to certain matters that can often be reciprocated as intimidating (as so I’ve been told).

    What brings me here is not only my curiosity that dwells in human nature, but my side that wishes to facilitate some sort of happiness to a person or couple. I find the possibility of spreading my genetics absolutely intriguing, and a plus being that I would not have any sort of financial responsibility. But this does not mean that I wouldn’t want a place in the possible child’s life. I would only remain anonymous if that is what the parents wished. Once I am a established person in my desired field (assuming that it doesn’t change, and I DO NOT plan on it changing), I would like to possibly have some sort of role, or relationship with the child. I am not looking to directly co-parent though. But I will say that I am a very open minded, easy going person, and that I cannot foresee where I will want to be 10 years from now, other than being a doctor.

    I have not been entirely convinced on donating my sperm yet. I only wish to post this and see what offers or propositions come my way. If the right opportunity arises, I will strongly take it into consideration. I plan on having a family my own sometime down the road, but not for a while. So this is a great deal to me and I always had planned on raising my own children. If you are interested, please express yourself and contact me. You can email me at ***********. I will respond to you, I promise.

    Physical Attributes
    Build:Athletic, lean, muscular, broad shoulders.
    Sexual Orientation:Straight

    Any questions please ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability

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    Hi there… im looking for a donor ive longed to have a baby i was tore down by the medical discovery that i have pcos so i have fought and fought with it and finally can have a baby now but dont have anyone to donate im ready for a baby i already have clothes and everything a baby needs please email me back at ******** thanks

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    Hi there–You are out of my preferred age range a geographical location, but I was touched by your motivations on donating and vision for your future. Here’s my description: (please message me via my profile here (Mamadie) if you’d like to talk more):

    I am a 34 year-old single woman living in the Monterey Bay Area seeking a sperm donor in order to become a mother. I have always wanted to have a child, and after my last relationship ended, I realized that missing out on motherhood would be far more devastating than missing out on partnership with a husband/partner. The reasons to continue trying to do it in a traditional family structure just seemed to slip away. I have a good job with great benefits, a supportive community of friends and family in the area, including several male role models for my child. I have a limited time in which to have a low-risk pregnancy, given my age, and now is the time.

    In terms of a donor, it is most important to me that you are genuinely interested in helping me fulfill my purpose of becoming a mother. Perhaps you know that you don’t want to raise children, but you are interested in ensuring that you create a legacy. Perhaps you are too focused on your career to devote to building a family, but you like the idea that your biological child would be out there experiencing all the beauty and mystery the world has to offer. Perhaps you feel ambivalent about fatherhood, and are worried you might never have a child and grow to regret it. You may be gay or straight and want to be a role model for a biological child, but not be a parent. Your reasons for wanting to donate should come from a heart place, and you should be able to articulate exactly what your motivations are.

    My ideal donor will:

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