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    I was planning to have children with my partner but after losing her I am hoping maybe I can help some other couples in need instead. I am open to discussing arrangements including no-contact, ID Donor (18+) or potentially being the cool uncle.

    I have tried to include all the information that I would want to know about a potential donor, and probably overshared in the process. Anything not covered below is probably answered on my profile but if you still have questions please reach out and I am happy to answer!

    Education & Career:
    I could read, write, and do algebra before I started kindergarten. By age 6 I could read, write, and do math at a university level. A psychologist IQ tested me in grade 3 and I scored 159 (top 0.004%); they wrote that I was “exceptionally gifted in every area”. I went to a gifted school from grades 4-12 and attended university on scholarship. My first year of university was in theatre and I nearly failed out before switching into computing science and getting a straight 4.0 until graduation. I make a living as a tech executive for several software development companies, where I not only design software architecture but also coach more junior team members into becoming their best selves.

    Physical Health:
    I cried a lot from ages 0-2, but settled down after that and was otherwise healthy(although my sister never cried at all as a baby). I have no allergies or major health issues, nor any family history of health problems, although one grandfather died of a heart attack. I am lactose intolerant and have mild insomnia. As a kid I played many sports, including including baseball, soccer, and provincial track & field. I remain active as an adult and enjoy gymnastics, climbing, and ultimate frisbee. I am in good physical shape but build muscle a little more slowly than other people. I drink very rarely (less than one drink a month) and have never smoked or done hard drugs. I wear glasses with a very mild prescription for distance vision.

    I have been described as “the most patient person I know” and “relentless in the pursuit of self-improvement” by friends and co-workers. I work hard and sometimes forget to take time off for myself. I care deeply about other people but suffer from “resting frowny face” and have to work to overcome this. I am passionate about animal welfare and donate thousands of dollars annually to shelters in the Edmonton area.

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