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    Posted by NJProf on 16 July 2018 at 05:24

    Good Day Folks.

    This is my first time posting and so I hope you bare with me. I am 5’11, fit, thick curly brown hair and eyes. I have no family history of any chronic illnesses, and very clear on the cancer issue. I am highly intelligent, and also high on the EQ scale.

    I am married and my wife and I have had long discussions about this and we are both in agreement. We are very open to helping any LGBTQ married couples who are considering starting a family or adding to theirs, but do not want the huge expense of AI. We understand.

    We are also open to hetero couples seeking to raise a child from a donor. My wife would like limited contact, but I would prefer ongoing contact of some kind. I also want the child to know that I am their father. My wife and I feel that it would help the child with social and psychological development to know that they were loved by so many people and we had them because of that love and desire for them. I cant imagine a child growing up not feeling support, when so many people wished for their arrival.

    In terms of my personality, I have a sense of humor, I am pretty empathetic, and also both analytical and creative. Writing seems to run in the family, my grandmother was a writer for a TV show, back when women weren’t really supposed to work at all. A real trailblazer!

    Hope to talk to lovely people in the NYC area. I am willing to travel some, or if you are open to travel arrangements, I would consider it for the perfect opportunity to connect with a great family or future family.

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