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    Hello, my wif and I are looking for a sperm donor for myself. I am interested in a man of Hispanic/Latino decent. We have a daughter and being a twin myself I know she would love to have a little brother/sister to go on adolescent adventures with throughout hee lufe.

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    hi couples,
    first i salute ur truelove..i can feel it ur both love and likes. am verygood supporter of my country lesbian banned..but am here lesbian co odinator by secrecy..i love lesbian relationship.than natural// i can help u both to get pregnent..but am new here..i dont know how this process.. am virgin man. i didnt do any intercourse before.. no diseases..if u r poor no need of money. only i like to help .but if u lik u can help money too.. but i cant travel bcoz am poor..if u arrange tickets it ,sure i can help u.further u contact me in message or private..thank you artificial or natural thats ur wish

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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