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    I am a 33-year-old, college-educated, single bisexual man looking for someone interesting in a co-parenting arrangement. I really would like to be a parent someday soon and looking for someone who would be okay with my undetectable HIV status. I have been HIV positive for 10 years now and have maintained an undetectable status for 9 years. I am in good health and would like to build a co-parenting situation with someone based on honesty, trust, and friendship. I am also open to sharing medical documentation if necessary.
    The CDC recently stated that people who are HIV positive, adhere to treatment, and maintain undetectable levels of virus in the blood CAN NOT transmit the virus or infect others. Basically, if you’re undetectable then you’re untransmittable and can’t spread the virus.

    In 2021, there is still a lot of stigma and miseducation when it comes to the topic of HIV. I was hesitant to post this here because I wanted to maintain his privacy about my status because people, in my experience, have been very judgmental, close-minded, and rude towards me about it.
    I have been interested in becoming a father for a long time and would like to know if there are other people who have ever been in his situation or if anyone ever had a successful pregnancy or would consider sperm donation from and/or co-parenting with someone who happens to be HIV undetectable and healthy?
    Any kind feedback or helpful advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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