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    Posted by Nick-Max on 15 May 2024 at 15:52

    Hi all,

    This is probably not going to be your typical request/post. Me (Nick) and my partner Max are looking for a donor based in Melbourne or can travel to help us both conceive via Ai.

    A bit about both of us, we both identify as male, however we are transgender men that have made the big, exciting and nerve wracking decision to start a family! Max is 26, and is a full time house husband (he’s very good at it haha) I (Nick) am 28 and work as a nurse in a high dependency unit (I get a LOT of time off due to scheduled leave!) I have a lot of experience helping parents raise and manage high needs kids and young adults, some of which have serious medical issues. Max has also had a lot of experience caring for children and high needs family members. Because of this we think we are ready for any challenges that could potentially arise ☺️ as mentioned before, due to the fact that we are both trans men, this means we cannot conceive naturally with each other despite how much we wish we could ???? we are able to conceive and carry our own children via Ai which is why we are looking for a donor. Ideally we’d like to carry at the same time from the same donor so that our children have the same genetic link to each other and a genetic link to us (we know that’s not everything but it means a lot to us).

    In an ideal scenario we would like the donor to have similar characteristics as us, so looking for a donor that has:

    Hair: either brown, blonde or black hair

    Eyes: preferably blue, green, mix of blue and green or grey

    Skin: Caucasian


    -Ai only, please respect this

    -We will be doing the insemination in private with an insemination kit

    -Big ask but if the first cycle fails it’d be great if the same donor could help us try again! (Absolutely no pressure!)

    -In regards to further contact: no co parenting, however we will be extremely grateful for the help you have provided and the gift(s) you have given to make this possible ☺️

    As many people are aware for LGBTQI+ people having a biological child/children with their same sex partner is virtually impossible unless you pay for IVF and clinic treatments. We are both physically healthy enough to conceive via Ai without having the need to go through IVF and would like to leave that service for people who need/prefer that service.

    Thanks for reading! We look forward to hearing from any potential donors, we are very excited, feel free to private message me at any point to discuss!

    Nick and Max

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