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  • Looking for Coparent(s?) in or around Delaware

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 5 December 2013 at 14:57

    Hi, I’m Caroline,
    I am a young Massage therapist who does not currently have the resources to have a child on my own. I love my job and the people I work with so while I am open to the possibility of relocating, it would have to be really really tempting. I am looking for a roommate style co parent(I feel it would provide a more stable environment for the baby). I am also open to the idea of a gay man or couple who are ok with letting me take the mother role.
    It is important to me that I am friends with my co-parent, as once a child is conceived we will be tied together for a very long time, and the idea of of an angry yelling household is repellant to me. I am looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors and who is intelligent.
    If all works out well, I am also open to a second child, since siblings are a great thing to have(and I kinda love babies, shhhh… )

    Things I will not compromise on:
    I am an atheist, and wish to raise a child with an agnostic or atheist- creationism will not cripple any child of mine.

    I will have ultra sounds and tests done to insure a healthy child. I will have an abortion if the fetus shows signs of down syndrome or other problems that will keep it living a happy life.

    I need a guy with good arches in his feet(seriously)- I have foot problems that are very inconvenient and while I can still play paintball and run and jump, I do not wish these problems on my child. If the sperm comes from someone with flat feet, there is a chance my child will have the problems. If the sperm comes from someone with good arches, there is no chance of this.

    I am in a stable relationship with a wonderful man who cannot have children and has no interest in having them. He has a good traveling job and is rarely in town and I have no interest in moving in with him(I can’t stand empty houses). He is supportive of this, and in the event he changes his mind a child would take precedence.

    Thanks for reading through this mess!

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