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    Life has brought me to a situation where I am 36 years old and single after being in a long term relationship with a man who had a vasectomy where the reversal did not work and nor did IVF. I am very serious about wanting a child to
    raise, and after much deliberation have decided this is the best option for me. I am looking for a sperm donor to assist me with this and am not looking for support or maintenance but am not entirely closed to the idea of co-parenting should we come to an agreeable arrangement. I would like for the child to have the option of contacting and knowing who their father is and how they came about, if and when the child desires this knowledge.
    I do not want to have sex to conceive, I would be looking at home insemination. I have a very close friend who conceived in this way, my beautiful and now 7 year old god daughter.

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