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    I am a 26 year old Scottish/Canadian who is looking to start a family of her own. I do have a slight genetic disorder but it only runs through the female side of the family.I have done a genetic test and everyting was fine other then that. I would be willing to show it to you as proof however. I have 1 cat, and 1 dog. And am currently doing a Medieval history degree.. Hobbies of mine include singing, horseback riding and rock climbing..
    So if you would like a child to live in a active lifestyle and dont mind them having a genetic disorder in the family.. Feel free to contact me!
    PS: I am also protestant/presbytarian

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    I live inAbbotsford, BC and was very interested in your blog! I would be willing to discuss how we could proceed to make your wishes and desires a reality!

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    what kind of genetic disorder, if you need privacy,can you call to talk on the phone.
    please get back.

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