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    Looking for a co-parent!

    I’m located in Garden Grove, CA, in Orange County, California. I am looking for someone located in or willing to relocate to the areas of Orange County, Los Angeles county, Inland Empire, or similar for ease of co-parenting duties. Also looking for someone very much willing to take on nearly, if not half of the child care duties including taking parental leave in conjunction or in tandem with mine after a successful pregnancy and birth. Looking for someone to provide reasonable support, please be thinking about this! The more forward planning and thought given ahead of time, the easier it will be for us to come up with a custom plan that would work for our family dynamic.

    Unfortunately, No luck so far finding a solid life partner that also wants to parent. I am college educated, I am a clinical laboratory scientist that works in the clinical laboratory of a major hospital and so far, I have a good career. New first time home owner. I am a bit of an introvert, so it’s been tough getting out there and finding a good partner to grow with and do amazing things with, including raising children. I’m hoping the whole package is still on the table in the grand scheme of things.

    I like to travel, go on small local hikes (I still haven’t been to visit Yosemite which is like a bucket list item), I used to be a gamer girl (all different kinds, mostly PC, multiplayer and single player). I like to read books when I have the time, I’m in a local community semi professional choir, I take private voice lessons for my own growth, and I’m working on some projects that would hopefully start the generate a second stream of income.

    I did recently go through an egg freezing cycle that had a very bountiful return (22 good eggs). At least it appears I have a decent reserve left so trying a bit late has a good chance of success, plus back up eggs if less invasive ways don’t work.

    Please feel free to ask additional questions.

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    Hi I’m 32F Vietnamese living in the LA area and open to relocating to OC. I know you’re looking for a male, but maybe we can try sperm donor and co-parent as platonic friends? I have a very good career as well and plenty of family nearby to help out.

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    I’m from Garden Grove, but live in Rancho Santa Margarita. I am looking to co-parent with someone to have one or two more kids. Would love to continue the conversation. Do you have any pics?

    Be well,


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