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    We are a lesbian couple looking to add to our family. We currently have 2 girls to a previous marriage and would like to add to that. We are looking for a sperm donor to sign his rights away to the child. We would like to do AI only but if NI becomes a option they must be ok with that and our respect on how it will be done.

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    That’s brilliant, ladies. I think I could’ve written that ad myself. I absolutely do wish to relinquish all paternity rights. I’ve made contact with an excellent family lawyer that is specialized in working with nontraditional families. I WILL SIGN MY RIGHTS TO THE CHILD AWAY. Everything would be spelled out in the sperm donor agreement.

    Although it is a common belief that natural insemination has a better success rate than artificial insemination, I have yet to see a medical study that states that. My preference, therefore, would be to have a AI via IUI under the supervision of a licensed physician. Not a particularly cozy setting for an insemination, I’ll admit. But that won’t make any difference to the child. He or she will simply know that they are very much wanted and very much loved.

    I am a handsome, sometimes hilarious, witty, intelligent, accomplished guy on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who is happy with himself and eager to pass on my awesome genes to people who REALLY want to be parents.

    I have STD results to share, copies of diplomas, personal references and eventually more medical documentation about my sperm quality and genetic history. I am of Russian-Jewish descent.

    I have so much to offer in my genes – it would be such a shame to allow such precious DNA to go to waste! I hold a BA, MFA, M.S. Ed and an opera conducting certificate from the Milan Conservatory.

    I am interested in finding a recipient or couple in the Greater New York area. I will provide all educational and medical documentation. I prefer AI, especially with IUI under the supervision of a licensed physician. I don’t want any money. I require a sperm donor contract to be signed in the presence of an attorney. I give preference to married couples in which the “second parent” adopts the child.

    I think it would be incredibly fulfilling to be a donor.

    And I agree, that if, after several tries with AI a pregnancy does not occur my girlfriend agrees to allow us to try NI, but only as a last resort.

    My reproductive endocrinologist said that I am good to go (5-24-16).

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    My wife and I have been looking for the same it’s so hard to find in NC. Can someone please help

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    I’m open to this, if done properly. I’m happily married and looking to stay that way. My wife supports me being a donor. I’m in CA.

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    I am able to help, I am located in CA area,. Lets chat?

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