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    Hi we are looking for someone who is between the age 20-25 who is willing to take a screening for health and stds. Some one head strong independent loving and considerate. Someone who wants little to none to do with the child but while consent to a video for when the child is old enough to understand I could show them who you are and what you are like for their chance to know more about their self. I would prefer someone who does not have kids and will only want to work with me (only ) meaning no other kids for my child’s safety of not having problems dating siblings and also a written agreement that if you are to see the child in public to not address Us or the child for any reason unless we decide to meet . Also If you are mixed please tell me both ethnicities . I’m looking for someone athletic. Thanks and I hope together we can make great things happen.

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    Can I help you with that dream, but will have to accept some conditions, like his father live in another country and having to move to another country to be inseminated.
    If you are willing we will continue this dialogue.

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