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    I’m a normal guy, white, 6’4 early 30s looking for a loving family dynamic!

    My main goal is to find someone to have an awesome happy family with, not to find someone to have sex with. Thus, a “platonic” coparent. I’m not rigid in this requirement, but I am inflexible on a few things so I might as well highlight those:

    I’d like a coparent, of any sexuality (or asexual), who’s loving towards me and our children too of course. I don’t think sexuality has anything to do with one’s capacity to love others, just with the physical lust to be with some. However, I could be wrong in this regard, and for this reason I desire only coparent who can, platonically but truly love me. I don’t see how else raising kids would be possible. It takes more than just effort or desire. I’d love you, too.

    Additionally, it would be important that my coparent doesn’t have romantic relationships, whether with men or women. I want someone who’s celibate. If this seems too much to ask, well consider I’d be the same. I just don’t want drama involved of other relationships.

    If there’s a female coparent out there who’s not totally uninterested in guys romantically, but leaves some things off limits I’m willing to respect that and try to do my best to satisfy her desires. If she’s 100% not interested, I still would need her to be happy to have hugs, cuddles, kisses on the forehead, and holding hands at minimum. I wouldn’t want people to think we’re in a non-traditional relationship. I’d like our children to think we’re just like every other loving couple.

    Regarding children, I’d really like 3 or more! I hope that would be okay. In terms of methods I’m okay with any, except I’d like to avoid IVF for moral reasons – I am uncomfortable with creating extra embryos.

    I’d prefer is my coparent had a religious background, but definitely at-least not hostile towards faith or prayer or things to that nature. I’m open to marriage. It’s a plus if you enjoy coffee, as I do! And traveling, please don’t be afraid to grab a passport – I’d like to take our family on adventures abroad!

    Thanks for reading. And don’t be shy, I’d like to hear from u.

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    Hello, I am interested in your post and I would love to talk more.

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