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    Posted by victor81 on 19 August 2021 at 07:30

    Single, independent, career- and goal-oriented male, 40 yo, attractive, Latino American. Good genes which means here is no history of desease on both sides of my family and we all have lived to an old age. I am looking to co-parent with a single, educated female. I expect the mother of my child will be attractive and intelligent, my age or younger, and most of all a loving mother. I am educated, empathetic, caring, curious, and funny. I have made a good career for myself within the financial services industry. I am ready to financially and emotionally provide every need for my child. Education, empathy, a good moral compass, and values would be a priority for our child. I am originally from the Northeast but have lived in Texas, USA since I graduated college. The last several years I have focused on my career as opposed to finding a partner. Location is not an issue or priority for me. I have traveled extensively so the mother can be from anywhere in the world. Distance is not a barrier to me. In fact, I think if you come from a different country our child would be exposed to two different cultures which would further enrich them. I am gay and I live Texas. I speak several languages and like the arts and sciences. I would also be open to living together and getting married to the mother of my child so we could raise them together. Let’s take a leap to see where this takes us. Send me a message. I look forward to chatting.

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