• I want to be a dad

    Posted by Gamelore on 20 October 2019 at 21:44

    Do you want to be a mom? Let’s do it together and share the joy!

    I work at a big tech company in California, but I am ready to move and find work anywhere for the purpose of helping raise a family.

    I’m a very healthy, well-educated man of German and Scandanavian descent. Blonde/blue eyes. Athletic and healthy diet. DNA test available and sperm count is normal. Always wanted kids, but the ladies in both of my past long-term relationships didn’t want the responsibility. As a result of those investments, I’m not sure I’m ready for romance again, but I’m not closed to the idea.

    I would enjoy teaming up for a relationship built on mutual parenting. Beyond that, I want to get to share life lessons, play games, go camping, celebrate holidays, and pass on my heritage.

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