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    Hi all,

    First up I have to say that I have just come across this site by chance and I am in total amazement that there are such generous people out there willing to help strangers start a family with little questions asked! A huge call out and THaNK-YOU to these wonderful, generous souls!! For women in my position is can be pretty scary facing the late 30’s knowing you want babies but life just hasn’t lead you in the direction you want and that awful biological clock ticks louder and louder each day! This site has given me hope back!!

    As I said, I am really new to this so I am such you can just imagine the questions swirling around in my head on how this site actually works!?! What are the legalities if this? What health tests are taken by by both parties prior to the donation/coparenting? How does the actual moment of donation work and is there any cost associated with it? Is there anyone on this site that has actually conceived purely from association with the site?

    I could go on for hours here as I have sooooo many questions but I am hoping that this post will kickoff a bit off a Q & A blog…anyone wanting to jump in and share some experiences or information that they have I would be very appreciative! Anywhoo, thanks for taking the time to read this and another big cheers for the very caring and sharing people here!

    Warmest regards

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    The answer to the one question is, yes there definitely are.
    Please message me. I can try and answer some of the questions you might have.
    Best wishes

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    Jacii from what I can tell there are two methods (ni) which is natural insemination intercourse ,and (AI) artificial insemination in a doctors office. I believe ni is free and that AI doctor fees may apply. For obvious reasons if you do ni you will want to provide std tests of both parties. Otherwise I believe its completely up to the donor and recipient to get proper information. And all coparents should have a lawyer present or a notarized agreement beforehand. Ofcouse I am new also but I spent most of the night reading the guides at the bottom of the page. If I am wrong people can feel free to correct me.

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    Hi Jacii,
    I too am intrigued by this whole process.
    My partner and I (gay couple) are really wanting to start a family however due to the high cost of adoption and invetro we are seeking out a creative way to start.

    I am assuming a co parenting agreement would be needed, a health exam and health history and I am sure it would take some time of building a friendship to decide on the process.

    Good luck

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