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  • Hello, anyone co-parenting female in the Denver area?

    Posted by bvan76 on 16 November 2023 at 09:09

    As an older male who has just very recently become an adult contributor to society, I am possibly looking for someone with which to co-parent with. I just completed my PhD in Environmental Engineering and am about to start my career with the EPA where, in a year, I will be making ~$95k, which I believe should be enough to support myself and a child. So, if you have a good relationship with your parents, have good genes, do not wish to wait for the right one, are of child bearing age, and want to co-parent with someone who will be extremely invested in the well being of your child (not to mention how spoiled my mom will attempt to make your child), then maybe we might be a match. I am white, currently 47 (48 in January 2024), 5′ 11.2″ (almost 6′), and, as mentioned, a doctor in Engineering. I am open to any race for a mother, as long as they will be a good mother, and any sex of child, as long as they are healthy (I am looking for an “unnatural” fertilization with both of our “donations” screened for any genetici defects). I will be up to and including 100% financially responsible (as much as someone making $95k can be) for the child, you must still take care of yourself financially. I will want the option to decide later, depending on the demands of my new career, if I would like to have the child for 50% of the time, or just every weekend. I apologize for the long post, but to me, this is not something that should just be rushed into and both parents should go in with as much information about what to expect from the other parent as possible. Are you a potential good mother living in or around the Denver/Colorado area and want to bear a child without all of the other nonsense? Let me know. Thanks.

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