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    My wife and I have been on the hunt for a donor with very specific features. We are interested in a donor with a dark complexion and blue, green, or hazel eyes. Yes, it’s an uncommon combination. No, it’s not like looking for a unicorn. We have encountered men in our home town with these features, but they have had partners who were uncomfortable with the idea of them donating or wanted to be a part of our childrens’ lives. We will not consider NI, we are a married lesbian couple. However, we get harassed daily by “candidates” explaining why they should be considered for donation though they don’t fit what we are looking for. We have contacted some potential donors with no result, partially assuming this is due to the subscription fee they have to pay to be listed as donors. If there is anyone reading this post that does fit the description and is willing to answer many questions and go through rigorous health screenings, please contact us. After our subscription is up we will not be renewing due to the amount of disrespectful messages we have received.
    Thank you in advance for reading,
    Chloe and Kyla

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