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  • Are you a single woman in your 30’s looking to co-parent?

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 2 March 2010 at 06:03

    I’m interested in hearing about your journey, how you got to this decision, how you are feeling about it, and if you’ve had a child how the co-parenting is working out.

    I’ve only just started to look in to this, and it seems like there are so many great single women out there having to go it alone. I’m particularly interested in how you are going to support yourself financially, emotionally etc. It seems like a daunting task!


    ___deleted-user replied 13 years, 10 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • ___deleted-user

    23 July 2010 at 23:04

    Just looking into all this myself too and good to see someone asking sensible questions.
    I’m a mother of 1 and in full time work, with a fairly good job in IT. So see myself as knowing what i’m letting myself in for.

    Financially u budget and live to your means, save a little where you can and be sensible, thats how i see it. Im lucky as i have a reasonable wage to be able to support myself and so do not see that is a show stopper.

    The emotional side is another thing and although having gone through some tough stuff in my life, that does make you stronger, being strong and stable within yourself helps i feel.

    And your views?

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