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    Hi, I’m a 28yo, Adelaide-based donor.

    I am 6′, dark hair and eyes, white skin, athletic body type and have no family history of illness. I don’t smoke or drink and I exercise and eat healthy. I am a warm, kind and positive person with a high IQ.

    I don’t want to have children so thought I’d help those who do but can’t. I am willing to travel at your expense and take any tests needed.

    Contact me or leave a reply for more info and pictures. :)

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    Hi there, me and my partner was wondering if you would like to help us out? Email me so we can talk, thanks. :)

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    Hello there
    If your still available ☺
    Would like to chat please email me at ***
    Hopefully chat soon ☺

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    Hi, wondering if you’re still interested in helping out Adelaide women?
    I’m in the Adelaide hills, would like to hear from you…

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    Hi there my partner and I are in Adelaide and looking to start a family,
    Please drop us a message if you would be keen!

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    Hello, i like your straight-to-the-point outline. I am a single, well educated and highly charismatic woman in her late 30’s. I am looking to start a family as the right person has not come along yet and i am wanting to take the dream of becoming a mother into my own hands, with some help from you i hope. I live in Queensland, but am willing to travel for the right person. Are you interested in talking further? King regards, Melanie

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