Tell me your reasons and stories. I am new to this.

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by dlc71 » 22 Jan 2016

Hi All,

I'm new to the idea of co-parenting. I heard about this site years ago (when I was asked to make something similar). I learned about this site and as my mind turned more to the idea of co-parenting, I decided to join.

Please tell me your stories if you have co-parented or if you are new to the idea. What lead you to this path? I think it is a path that I may choose soon, but I want to hear from people in this community regardless of gender or situation.


by INDIAN77 » 25 Mar 2016

Hi I am new to this site and to this idea of co-parenting as well. I saw u post and wanted to reply. I don't have any answers for u since I have not done this and I am still thinking about what to do. I so want a baby very much, but its scary to try this alone or even with a co-parent. I always wanted to get married and have kids, but I am 42 going on 43 and not sure if I can find someone fast enough before I can no longer conceive. I wanted to know has anyone contacted u with any experiences they have had like single heterosexual women who have tried this method in having a baby. I need to talk to some other single heterosexual women and see how this has worked for them emotionally, financially, etc. I do not have anyone in my life to help support me at all and no one understands my desire to be a wife and mom. I feel very isolated and alone in this matter and do not know what to do. I do not want to jump into something this serious and important though, but I know my time is short. So I wanted to know if anyone has contacted u and even if anyone knows of any support groups for single heterosexual women in their 30s and 40s that cannot find a husband and want kids very much. Its very hard to find anything even online and some websites want u to pay to join their support groups. thank u

by Richniqu » 26 Mar 2016

Hi! I am new to the idea. My main reasons for registering is mostly loneliness. I always wanted a huge family. My life plan was to start that 5 years ago but I put school ahead because I wanted to be able to afford my family. Now I am at the point where I will become financially stable but making a baby is difficult without male around. I was hoping to read recent success stories from people who have tried this.

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