Tauranga Donor who can travel.

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by mrman » 10 Sep 2013

Sperm donor willing to help someone.

I do not want any role just happy to donate. But the occasional email, photo or an update once a year will do.

I live in Tauranga so if your willing to travel or pay expenses for me to, willing to fly South.

Donation by AI only, not looking for a quick jump lol.

A legal contract signed up before donation stating this which I have. I have 2 children of my own and 3 via SD from this site, one on the 1st try and 1 on the 2nd.

Send me a message or a wink etc and we can chat.


by acbl199 » 29 Jun 2015

hi there toni

my husband and I are looking for a donor due to him not being able to have kids anymore,we are looking for a donor,we have been married ywo years together 5 years and are hoping to have a baby soon,we prefer AI

please message me for more info

kind regards brooke :D

by Belinha » 01 Aug 2015

Hi Tony!

Are you still happy to be a donor?

If so, could you contact us, please?


Thank you!

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