tall, athletic, and educated

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by Ernes35 » 10 Sep 2018

Hi there,
Age: 36, I'm pretty flexible and willing to travel, am okay with either AI or NI. I'm tall, athletic, and educated. University graduate (MBA). Successful Entrepreneur
I have Very good genetics, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoke, no history of cancers, heart problems, or diabetes. My whole family lives long (have both sets of great grandparents in their 90's). Sperm analysis (above the average count and excellent motility).

I hope to find the perfect coparent for me. But that does not mean I am not open to being a donor for the right person or couple. If you are interested send me a message.
Looking for a woman who has baby fever, like I do.. and wants a family- sooner rather than later. It is all I think about, right now. Is anyone on the same page??
please have pics

Good Luck

by Kaillouu » 03 Oct 2018

I definitely have baby fever and I am looking for someone to coparent with me right away :)

I don’t see an option to post a picture in here but I have one or two on my profile and I’d be happy to private message you more information so shoot me a message when you can

by Rigbyp » 29 Oct 2018

hello are you still looking to co parent?

by Ace713 » 13 Dec 2018

Interested if you're still available.

by RayBlue6 » 15 Dec 2018

Interested.....are you still looking?

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