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When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by Indiigo » 25 Nov 2016

Hello there.

I have been on this site for about a year now and can happily share that 2 lovely ladies are now 5 months pregnant with strong, healthy babies.

I have taken a break for a while and now I am now hoping to help mums-to-be in the Greater Sydney area, on an AI basis. To be frank, I am offering sperm, not a coparenting situation. I am happy to sign over all rights (whatever the correct term may be) to the child to you. We meet, I do the cup thing, and leave you to do the insertion. Simple.

What you will get is a green eyed donor, with fair skin, and dark chocolate coloured straight hair. Well, at least that's what the DNA is. That last has greyed in the last few years. Have photos of how I looked at 5 and 21.

I am discreet, and diplomatic. If you are from other than a Caucasian background, no problem!

Let me know and good luck to all those trying to conceive.

by Rachel75 » 29 Dec 2016

Hi can you please contact me? Are you still donating?

Thank you

by xkatelyn » 08 Jan 2017


If you are still looking to donate, I'd love it if you could contact me.

Thank You!

by Ccz1984 » 09 Jan 2017


are you still donating? if so contact me. Thank you.

by twanda35 » 10 Jan 2017

Hey I'm Twanda are willing too donate sperm I been wanting a baby so can you please help me please thank you

by CatnCole » 24 Jan 2017

We are a lesbian couple from south west sydney and we'd love to hear from you

by suzieque » 29 Jan 2017

Hi could u please mail me as id be so gratefull for your help

by Puss3498 » 18 Feb 2017


Hetrosexual couple that have tried everything. We are even on a wait list with tas ivf with no luck. Needing a sperm donor to allow us to create a family. Please contact us

by Indiigo » 03 Apr 2017

Hello. I'm back
I apologise for not replying to anyone as I had not been monitoring the forum. My bad. Please don't feel like you have been refused, I just haven't been on here and received no notifications I had received replies.

Ok, there's my mea culpas.

An update of my original post: Last week a beautiful healthy little girl was born, bearing half my DNA to a L-girl couple. I am humbled they let me know of her birth and they even sent me a photo. I respect the contract we all signed, and do not intend to breach it by trying to assert myself on their and the baby's life. A sperm donor needs to respect the mother's wishes in these circumstances.
I have no word on the result of the other pregnancy, although she was certain she wanted to do it her way, and on her own. I respect that.

So there's one (maybe two) women I have assisted successfully, both in another State. I put myself out there again to see if I can help you via AI.
I promises to monitor the forum a little more.

Good luck to all of you with your conception. Everyone is here for the same goal (except the creepy guys just looking for some action). Babies are wonderful!


by michel14 » 06 Apr 2017

Hey are you still donating? If yes contact me please

by Indiigo » 07 Apr 2017

Hello Michel14,
Yes I am still donating.
I can't find your contact details so send me a wink and I'll find you that way

by Kombucha » 22 Jun 2017

Hello Dave,

If you are still donating I would love to hear from you.

by Miza71 » 26 Sep 2017

Hi Dave,
My name is Miza, & I'm wondering if you're still available to donate? I live outside of Sydney but I can travel to you...:) would love to hear from you to see if you would be able to help me conceive a child.
Thankyou & hope to hear from you soon.

by jazz3017 » 27 Sep 2017

Hello, my name is Jazzmine. I can proudly say I am a donor baby, my mom was a single lesbian and decided to have me artificially inseminated. 19 years later, I find myself in the same boat as her (however, I'm straight, but I'm just not wanting a relationship of any sort). I myself have green eyes and dark brown hair. if you are still interested in donating, please reply back or message me. thank you so much for your time.

by Tee1985 » 17 Oct 2017

Me And my fiancé decided we want to try for our very first bub through AI only and would prefer a donor within NSW.
We come across your post and we were wondering if you are still donating at all.

by Nyah459 » 18 Oct 2017

Hey how are you are you still donating the sperm?

by Tlynnk » 20 Oct 2017

Hello I would like to speak further with you about sperm donation

by Indiigo » 01 Nov 2017

Hi again,
I've been away working.
While I appreciate the requests from those of you living in the USA, I'm not sure how I can help you living in Sydney, Australia.
If you are local, and need a hand, let me know.
Best of luck to all of us

by Indiigo » 26 Nov 2017

I am currently donating again.
Let me know if I can help.
Not judgemental. Maybe you are too young, too old, too married, too gay, too religious, yet still want a child? Maybe your husband is the reason you can't conceive but won't get checked out?
I don't judge, it's not my business.
I'm in Sydney but can travel within reason.
STI checked
Good luck to all of you

by Indiigo » 28 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas and may 2018 see you all have a very different Christmas experience next year

by nikki3382 » 01 Jan 2018

Hi. My name is Nikki and i am currently looking for a donor. I live on the Central Coast (not sure if that is to far for you) just wondering if you are still donating?

by nikki3382 » 01 Jan 2018

Hi, my name is Nikki and I am looking for an AI donor, I live on the Central Coast, just wondering if you are still donating?

by nikki3382 » 02 Jan 2018

Hi, Dave.

How are you? just wondering if you are still donating? I live on the Central Coast so not sure if that's to far for you?


by Indiigo » 04 Jan 2018

Message sent Nikki.

by Bubless » 02 Mar 2020

Hi am wondering if you are still donating? 14 years trying to conceive please could you send me a message (I'm new to this so still learning the how to's


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