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    by Sasi      .      25 May 2012

    would you consider coming to Canada?

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    would you consider coming to Canada?

    Or better yet... would you consider Brooklyn New York? Where the Puerto Ricans still are. :D

    Hi! Are you still looking?

    My name is Jasmin. I am 25 years old. I am mature way beyond my years. I have teaching degree and taught 4th grade until my great grandma had a stroke. I moved from central Florida to West Virginia to take care of her. She has passed away and since then I have been living both Florida and West Virginia. I had a 6 year relationship that ended last year. I have dated a few men and have decided I don't want a relationship. I want children very badly and always have. I am financially able to care for myself and children to come. I am very active in dance and sports. I'm sort of a loner but I do go out every other month and have fun. I'm not looking to co parent with just anyone. I want a mature person with a good heart and morals.

    Hi jasmin. My name is Sai. I'm 57yrs old heterosexual male of Indian descent. I have had a successful professional career and now secured in many ways. I'm looking for a coparent or surrogate mom. Like you I'm happy with my life. For years I have done voluntary works with kids in poor countries. I enjoy showing compassion to children. Since covid and the reflection it made me do to my own life I am certain that sharing a baby with someone n the joy of raising a child or to at least be part of his life in a meaningful way is something I now want. Would u be interested in talking.

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