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by Tyler » 12 Jul 2018

I would be happy to be the person to help you start your family. I am open to both NI and AI.
Scottish and Dutch heritage.
A successful donor of twin girls and two boys.
Athletically inclined. I have always had a naturally athletic body. Won first gold medal ski racing at age 5.
Accomplished music prodigy. Won my first 1st place position in a national music composition competition at age 12.
University graduate (MBA).
Successful Entrepreneur.
I sit on the board of both a local and a national non-profit organisation.
I volunteer as a wish grantor for Make-a-Wish foundation.
No allergies or hereditary issues, my grandparents lived into their 90's.
Drug and disease free with up to date STI testing (will show proof).
Sperm analysis (above the average count and excellent motility).

by Lan31 » 29 Jul 2018

Is there a way to get in contact with you? I’m looking for artificial insemanation and wondering if it’s possible to ship

by MastersF » 05 Sep 2018

Hey Tyler, I would like to get in contact with you somehow. My fiancée is from Langley and go to that area at least once a year. I know she would be open to meeting you and seeing if you would be a great fit to help us start our family. We are wanting me to inseminate my fiancée.



by Opheliam » 16 Sep 2018

How far are you willing to travel. I am in Kelowna and willing to NI.

by F12345 » 04 Nov 2018

Hello, I am interested in contacting you regarding donation. I am a single female and open to either NI or AI, depending on the situation and your preferences. I think you would be a great fit for what I am looking for in starting a family. How can I contact you?

by MillAnn » 08 Nov 2018

Are you in Vancouver BC or WA? We are a couple very interested in conceiving. Great parents already, just wanting to add to our lovely tribe :)

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