Successful sperm donor available in Brisbane

When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by BrizGuy » 17 Nov 2018

Hey I’m Dan Gill, I'm a blue eyed sperm donor in Brisbane. Been a donor several times and have a 100% success rate so far. Willing to keep trying till you fall pregnant. Std free and super high sperm count - with results to prove it. Looking to be a donor only - not a coparent. I can get you pregnant easily for no charge. Most first time successes. I make super cute kids. Get in touch for pics and more information!

by Mina03 » 08 Mar 2019

Hey Im Tee, my partner Sarah & I are a Lesbian couple we are based in Brisbane desperate for a sperm donor who's will to help us conceive our first joy of bean. Would mean everything to us & if interested to give a hand we'd be honored to talk more.

by CarrieL » 16 Mar 2019

Hi Dan! My name is Carrie. I already have a nearly 12yo son and we would both love to extend our happy, fun & vibrant small family unit! I have raised my son by myself for almost 10years and look forward to doing it again! We have lots of love & joy to give. We are both excited by the prospect of adding to our family!!! Can’t wait to hear from you.

by Mel001 » 22 Jun 2019

Hi Dan,

My name is Melinda and I'm keen to have a baby. I'm looking for a Sperm Donor and hoping you can help me. I'm in Brisbane. Hope to hear from you.

by Candr10 » 20 Aug 2019

Hi Dan,

I'm a 30yo queer female in a long term committed relationship, looking to take our love and lives to the next level. We are also located in Brisbane. We would love to hear from you. Candr

by Fanmel » 25 Aug 2019

Hi I'm a 36 yr old full time employed. Desperate to have another baby before my time runs out. I have two beautiful boys 12 and 13. They are currently with their father for schooling and I miss them beyond words. I would absolutely love another baby. Pls can u help me.

by jessalea » 26 Aug 2019

Me and my wife would love more information. We are so excited to start our family

by mumma99 » 27 Aug 2019

Hello My name is Kierra , I am in desperate need of a sperm doner , to help me with my life time dream to be a mum to a lovely little baby . I want to find a doner who doesn’t want any contact with the child after , I will inform my child about this whole situation when the time is right, please help me complete my dream

by Anto8929 » 09 Sep 2019

I'm also a Brisbane based donor, donor only not so much coparent though.

by VickiL » 03 Jan 2020

Hi there, 30 GC based nurse wanting a natural doctor no contact required

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