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Have you ever been a free sperm donor or a coparent in Canada? Many men and women looking for a free sperm donor on, are eager to hear what you have to say about your own experience.

by colif » 12 May 2017

Am a 30 year old ,STD FREE, 6'1'' tall,handsome(as family/folks will say)sperm donor who has helped women over the years and SUCCESFULLY produced kids for women and couples.
Am here to help women(lesbians,single women,married etc)have kids so as to continue their family.
Contact me directly now!
I'll reply in minutes with pictures and answers to your questions

by Court » 16 May 2017

My fiancé and I are a lesbian couple looking to find a donor to help us complete our family. We have one daughter born unexpectedly, and would love nothing more than to give her a little brother or sister.

by Brinab29 » 17 May 2017

Untreated in learning more about you

by Krista11 » 17 May 2017

Could you message me, I'm interested

by charmedx » 23 May 2017

single female looking for donor are you still interested in helping out. please message me

by K1327177 » 25 May 2017

Hi there what area are you in? We are looking for a sperm donor. We are a same sex couple female and are wanting to have a child :)

by Prunelle » 31 May 2017

Mon mari et moi cherchons un donneur .ĂȘtes-vous toujours donneur?
Merci de me signaler svp si ouii

by BbyLuv07 » 03 Jun 2017

Hello, just curious as to what are you are in?

by Mom2B18 » 04 Jun 2017

Where are you located?

by Kburley » 21 Jun 2017

My fiance and i are looking for a sperm donor to expand our family. She has a 3 year old and i am interested in having one myself. Looking for someone to help us out

by Ocumay » 26 Jun 2017

Hi I'm a single mom looking for a donor to have
A second child , hoping to find donor this summer and be successful, looking for AI,

by Kjo27 » 06 Sep 2017

Would like to learn more about you .... where are you located

by NiceMe » 06 Sep 2017

i would like to find out how to get help from you.
I am a single mother .i need to have achild from someone who like to help others feeling confortable in this world.

by meemee » 07 Sep 2017


Looks like you have received quite a few replies!!
Am 37yrs single heterosexual not looking for a co parent, just donation.
What state are you in?


by meemee » 07 Sep 2017

Not too sure if my reply came through, but am interested in learning more.....


by angie072 » 08 Sep 2017


I am interested in knowing more about you and photos. Please DM me.


by BookiieB » 09 Sep 2017

How much do u charge

by angie072 » 10 Sep 2017

I am interested in learning more about you and sperm donation.


by Tika » 11 Sep 2017

Do you ship?

by Ethanfre » 17 Sep 2017


I am a sperm donor in Sydney. You can see my profile here Please let me know if you are interested and I will be happy to help you.

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