Straight Single Woman Seeking Sraight SIngle Man to CoParent

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by Soulbou » 08 Nov 2015


I am a single, African American woman living in Chicago, IL. I am nearing the end of my university life and am seeking full-time employment. I'm going to have my Bachelor's degree in CIS with a concentration of Web Development very soon and a job hopefully in the Web Developer field not long after. I've had offers but I've only just started so no news yet. As a result of my university lifestyle I have to get my body and financial affairs in order but feel that I am ready to start this process as it can take some time.

I want to meet a single male that has no children and is heterosexual to have a child with and parent alongside. It would be nice for them to live nearby as I would like to have a lot of involvement in the child's life and hopefully have the child live with me or us in a roommate or intimate type setting. I should have a photo up soon but I want to make sure it's as natural as possible. At the moment my hair is a bit tied up, to say the least, so I can't take the natural picture that I want just yet.

I am also interested in individuals that have pictures available or willing to share one with me if they are comfortable doing so.

by heneedsyou » 14 Nov 2015

:D Im a 38yr male looking for the same thing. If you want to know more about me let me know..

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