sporty female in BC looking for white donor

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by niiw25 » 20 Feb 2017

I am looking for a White/ Caucasian, 6'1"- 6'5", healthy, sporty and non smoker donor who is interested in NI.

I want to start to "process" immediately and therefore I am not into any games.

I am athletic, don't smoke or drink and know what I want.

by Briski217 » 23 Feb 2017

Check out my profile and let me know if I fit your needs thanks

by Econobri » 28 Feb 2017

Nicole, why did you disappear after our intense "discussions"? That was very rude of you!

by jw1988 » 26 Mar 2017

I'm in Florida however I'd be glad to ship my sperm to you. Message me if you're interested.

by Y2kguy » 27 Mar 2017

Please feel free to check out my profile. If you're interested let me know and I can provide contact info to continue the discussion.

by James555 » 04 Apr 2017

Interested! Text me :)

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