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by Marty » 30 Apr 2013

Hi I am willing to be a sperm donor and have passed all the medical tests and have high sperm count assessed by Fertility Associates as suitable for all forms of AI. My preference is to supply live jar sample for your own AI, but I can attend a clinic for clinical ICI or IUI if you wanted that. I have mature attitudes , I'm emotionally stable and in excellent health I am a non smoker I can sign a memorandum of understanding covering whatever level of contact or no contact the recipient desires. I am willing to be a co parent if you wish but thats your call.. My motivation is the joy of giving. Contact me if you wished to meet me. Cheers Martyn. .

by wantbaby » 18 Apr 2014

Hy, I am hispanic/jewish in tx if you can add me to your budy list so we can communicate further. I'm interested in your profile Iam looking for ai only . Thanks. :)

by LeeJay » 28 Apr 2017

We are a lesbian couple in the waikato area looking for a sperm donor who is willing to help us through AI. Would like to chat further if you are interested in helping us

by Hunterst » 03 Aug 2017

Hi were a waikato based lesbian couple looking for a donor with AI would like to talk to you (:

by Bonny » 12 Nov 2017

Hi Marty, are you still available? If so can you tell us your - age, eye colour, hair colour (or what it was), height please

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