Sperm donor wanted/possibly co-parent

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by La46 » 27 Aug 2019

It looks like this might be the only way to communicate without paying to see messages...
I am looking for a sperm donor but would consider co-parenting with the right person.
I am a 46 year old single Mum. My son is almost 7 years old. I have always wanted more than one child, and my son has been asking for a sibling ever since he could say the words.... Do you think you can help us?

by Swoop » 01 Sep 2019

I don't have any children myself, although I am recently married, our attempts as infrequent as they maybe have not been successful, I have been tested and am ok. Would like to help you out if you were in my region.

by Swoop » 02 Sep 2019

Sorry didn't see my first reply, and posted again.

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