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Sperm donor wanted - NI

Sperm donor wanted - NI

Our forum is dedicated to all people looking for a sperm donation, or sperm donors themselves, from New Zealand. We invite all our users to exchange their thoughts regarding sperm donation, whether they have been through the process of a sperm donation in New Zealand or not.

by Loup25 » 04 Mar 2017

Single 39yr old female. Looking for a sperm donor prefer Polynesian, Asian or Maori ethnicity. Prefer someone who is willing for NI. Can travel if necessary.

by NickD » 07 Apr 2017

Good Luck!

by Seth » 16 Jun 2017

Hi there, I'm Sethrith. Have you found a donor yet?
I'm willing to help you out, but I'm in Melbourne, AUS.
I'm planning to visit Auckland for 4 days as well this September, but now I'm not really sure whether I still be able to go or not.

I'm Asian donor with Australian Permanent Resident, healthy, high sperm count, STI free, no smoking, no alcohol. If you are interested in me, feel free to contact me. I'm a full member here with username Seth. You can reach me here or fb with sethrith.

I'm okay with any methods of conception that suit the recipient.

Hope to see you soon and good luck with your journey.

Sethrith :)

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