Sperm donor wanted in Montreal

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by abika » 27 Jun 2019

Looking for a sperm donor in the Montreal region, might consider going all the way to Ottawa or Quebec City. Not really picky about appearance, but please be medically healthy. Shoot me a message :)

by pdazzle » 08 Jul 2019

Take a look at my profile and please let me know if I interest you.

by HotSmile » 19 Jul 2019

Would also be willing. Take a look at my profile.

by a1b2c3z » 14 Aug 2019

would love to meet you and see if i would be a fit

by MXT » 05 Sep 2019


I can help no problem. I am located about 60 minutes from Mtl. I have experience helping women couples and singles.

by soleil77 » 18 Sep 2019

Hello, same here... Take a look at my profile and please let me know, Thx.

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