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Sperm donor wanted adelaide or surrounds

Sperm donor wanted adelaide or surrounds

When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by Mils » 05 Oct 2017

My fiance and I are looking for a donor to help use conceive a second child. We're unfortunately unable to use the donor who helped us the first time due to him no longer being in the state.
We are a lesbian couple living in Adelaide, we're 24 and 29, we already have a 2 and a half year old daughter from another donor. We both have stable employment, in the hospitality and medical industries respectively and have been together 5 years.

We are seeking sperm donations for AI (artificial insemination only). We will require a medical history/ STD tests etc. We don't want to co-parent, we are seeking someone to donate sperm for us to have another child of our own. We are happy to provide updates on the pregnancy and any children produced by the donation but would otherwise prefer non contact. We'll have a contract drawn up to protect all of us, it will state that you sign your rights over completely and we will not seek financial help from you.

If you have any questions or would like to help us don't hesitate to get in contact, we would like to start trying as soon as possible.

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