Sperm Donor in BC to help me have another child

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by melody4 » 17 Oct 2014


I am looking for a sperm donor in BC to help me have another child. I am a single mother to one son and I would love to add another child to our family. I am hoping to find someone looking to help out and would love to discuss any arrangements.



by donar » 02 Nov 2014

are you still looking?
im in calgary and willing to help you.

by Marie05 » 15 Nov 2014

i am in Calgary, single female looking for donor

by Ryan00 » 24 Mar 2020

Happy to help. Take a look at my profile and determine if I’m the right fit for you m. If you are interested message me privately.
Thanks, Ryan.

by Monty17 » 28 Mar 2020

Interested in Indian donor , do let me know

by Leggett » 20 Apr 2020

I’m in PENTICTON and if you are still needing some help . I’m ready and willing.

by mgrey200 » 22 Apr 2020

I'm in BC. I'll be glad to help you out.

by TrevorG » 01 May 2020

In the fraser Valley here

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