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by n9n9n91 » 14 Sep 2019

I am a 37 year old Asian New Zealand pr. I would like to be a sperm donor.

I live in Auckland CBD, worked as a high school math teacher.

I did competitive gymnastics when I was young and I love to play the piano.

I just did my blood and urine test for STD last week.

I hope I can help you in any possible ways

by TeeJaye » 26 Sep 2019

I am looking for a sperm donor with no strings attached. My partner and I are looking for a potential sperm donor and hoping to see if you would be interested in being that person for the job. Thanks

by jewlz06 » 28 Sep 2019

Hi I am just wondering is there any chance that you are Filipino? As my partner is Filipino and we are wanting a Filipino donor. And are you ok with donating to a lesbian couple?
Thank you

by n9n9n91 » 14 Oct 2019

sorry for the late reply
I am willing to help both of you
I have pm both of you

by ELLAYYY » 20 Feb 2020

Heyy , I’m really interested in creating with you can u please send me a reply if you see this .

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