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by Tho » 01 Aug 2012

I am a sperm donor located in Auckland, 26 years of age. Message me if you are interested.

I will be able to read your messages as I am a full member. I will get back to you ASAP:)

by Jaymy » 09 Aug 2012

Firstly i'm wondering if you travel ?

I live in Hawera in the Taranaki region !

Thanks and Kind Regards

by Tho » 14 Aug 2012

Yes i can :)

by Tho » 15 Aug 2012

Yes,i can travel. I have private messaged you my email :)

by twwoman » 18 Aug 2012

can you please also message me ***@hotmail.com

by Tho » 21 Aug 2012

Cannot read your email from above, but i have sent a private message to you though:)

by anna13 » 21 Aug 2013

Hey can you message me? We are looking for a sperm donor :-) *** at hotmail dot co dot nz.

by ferguz » 06 Dec 2013

Hi there,
If your still interested in helping out with donation can you please contact us.
Cheers :)

by acbl199 » 29 Jun 2015

hi there

we are in the south island would you be able to travel


by Tho » 12 Sep 2015

PM me if you need help :)

by Tho » 12 Sep 2015

PM me if you need help :)

by Lorkat » 26 Jan 2017

Hi Tho,

We noticed your blogs are from a while ago. Do you still donate? Please feel free to read our brief and let us know if you'd still be interested.


by Tho » 02 Feb 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am still available as a sperm donor in Auckland; PM me and I will help you :)

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