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Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Peter3000 » 12 Aug 2018


I'm looking to be a sperm donor for straight or lesbian couples. I'm a 38 year old caucasian male, very good looking, in great shape, 5 foot 6, good family genes, healthy with no sexually transmitted diseases. I have medical documentation to verify this. I have an above average IQ, a graduate degree, a great sense of humor, and am very successful in my field of business. I have brown hair and brown eyes but have many family members with green eyes and light colored hair. I'm interested in helping couples (whether straight or lesbian) make the family they've always wanted. If you'd like, I can be an "uncle" in the child's life or have no contact at all. I'm in NYC and could travel for at home insemination.

by Baylee44 » 15 Aug 2018

Me and my girlfriend are ready to start a family. And if you are interested in helping us and are understanding that we do not necessarily want someone to be a part of the child’s life then please email me and we can talk! We would greatly appreciate it. My email ***@gmail.com thank you!

by Peter3000 » 15 Aug 2018

Sounds good. Your email didn’t post. If interested please text me and we can take it from there.


by izzyNsha » 16 Aug 2018

Me an my fiancé are most deff lookin for your help but we don’t have you in our bby life we want to be parent but without the father involved

by heatrob » 20 Aug 2018

Your ad caught my interest! It sounds like a dream come true, to be honest, my wife and I are starting the process of looking for a donor. We live in NH. I'm excited to see there are people out there like you!

by Bunny14 » 20 Aug 2018

Hello I'm greatful to come across this post if your still willing to help please reply and I'll send my number

Thank you!

by abreanne » 26 Aug 2018

So wonderful to find you our prayers played off.. We are a lesbian couple who both love children. We want to raise one of our own to complete our family and be the best parents possible. Its a baby that will complete our dreams together, watching it grow and giving it love n it's all we think about every day. Please help us... We are of poor means. But we make ends meet n live comfy... Alaskan girls... Have u ever been to Alaska???come visit n get us PREGGO PLEASE.

by Scgal » 29 Aug 2018

Would you consider shipping? Lesbian couple very interested

by Mdjones1 » 03 Sep 2018

Hello , my wife and I are looking to start a family . I am 22 and my wife is 21 . I am currently in the Air Force reserve and just completed my bachelors degree in Nursing . We are interested in your donations. If you would like to Persue a more detailed conversation please feel free to message us

by Esrob91 » 04 Sep 2018

My wife and I have read your post peter3000 and would like to talk to you . If you could message us back when you have a chance . We are a lesbian couple and would like to have our first child.

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