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When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by Robert2 » 05 Nov 2009

G'day from South Australia ladies my name is Robert or Robbie as my friends like to call me... since i cant access my mail inbox on this site due to not having a premium membership i might as well post something on the forums here and chuck in some personal details too :D

Im a 3rd generation volunteer fire fighter and born & raised South Australian country boy which pretty much says i was practically raised in a country/bush environment.... i've always been real good around children due to being calm and placid around them which probably comes from either side of my family so im looking to pass on my genes so a 4th generation volunteer fire fighter can be born

Just so everyone knows i am a regular blood donor for the Australian Red Cross and a frequent donor everytime the blood service comes to the South East of South Australia

If any ladies between 18-45 are interested in knowing more i am contactable via the following addresses and we can get the ball rolling from there

Email: ******
Msn messenger: *****

by Danniella » 31 Aug 2010


My name is Danniella and I am looking to get pregnant through sperm donation! I am new to this. I live in the Wide Bay area of Queensland but currently spending some time in my home land of London, England. I wouldn't say I am well educated but I am qualified Beauty Therapist. I am single and have been for a long time. I really want to have a baby and it is all I ever think about atm. People say to me why don't I get a boyfriend which I don't really no what to tell them because they then ask more questions and I have to tell them about my past. I have had a boyfriend but he was a jerk and he didn't want to have any children as he already had a child with somebody else. Like I say I really want a baby and I see donation as my only option.

I have some questions for you....

1. Please could you tell how old you are?

2. What role would you want to play in the childs life, I don't mind if you don't want any!!!

If you could help me, please get in touch! Xx

by bek_92 » 11 Jun 2011

Hi Robert :)

I've read a few other of your posts and I've read your profile. Like you, I'm in Adelaide. I'm 19 years old and studying to be an ELC or Junior Primary teacher. I'm studying online and am looking forward to being a 100% stay at home mum and putting my education into practice.

I'm a bit of a ticking time bomb for children - I suffer from a gynae related bleeding problem and would love to have kids before I have drastic surgery to remove my uterus. Who knows, maybe having a pregnancy will solve my problem.

I live in Adelaide and am not really willing to move anytime in the near future because I have an amazingly supportive family.

One thing, I need to start trying to conceive hopefully in the next 2 months.

Feel free to contact me.

Thanks :)

by kit37 » 02 Jul 2011

i am looking for a donor in Adelaide. if you can help me i would be so grateful. all i want is to be a mother. please reply. thank-you.

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