Sperm Donor Available NYC/NJ

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Ck10303 » 08 Nov 2018

Mature, White male 6’, brown hair and green eyes. German/Irish &Italian decent. Disease and drug free. No history of mental illness, cancer or any other debilitating issues in my blood lines. Contact me if interested.

by damian47 » 15 Nov 2018

Hello, I wanted to discuss with you about donating sperm so me and my wife could have a child. We have been married for almost a year(11/28) and would like to have a child but I am unable to produce fertile sperm. So we are looking for someone who would donate sperm and who is willing to remain anonymous . I am half black,white ,Italian ,Jewish and Irish . And my wife is Belizean . Would you be interested in donating sperm to us ?

by Ck10303 » 03 Dec 2018

Sorry was away for the holidays. If you are still looking please reply back. Thanks!

by Danni12 » 10 Dec 2018

Hi how soon can you donate

by Ck10303 » 10 Dec 2018

As soon as you need it. Get in touch. :)

by Renarene » 14 Dec 2018

Hi my girlfriend and I are searching for just a sperm donor no coparenting. I'm not sure how this site works or the pricing but can you get back to me for the immediate purchase of the sperm that would be great thank you.

by Ck10303 » 21 Dec 2018

Sperm still available.

by Missmika » 23 Dec 2018

Single black female already a mom to one and looking for a sperm donor or a co parent. You can remain anonymous if you like. Willl you be willing to do this around June ?

by Pyro » 25 Dec 2018

looking for donor only. NJ area.

by lorina » 26 Dec 2018

Hello, I need sperm shipped to me urgently or I will meet at travel expenses to South Carolina .Please get back to me. I would love full custody of the kid .

by Ck10303 » 04 Jan 2019

Thanks for the replies. Get in touch with me if you are in ther NYC area and need sperm. Sperm count is very high. Thanks

by Ck10303 » 23 Jan 2019

Still Available...

by Danni12 » 11 Feb 2019

What's your e-mail? And are you still available

by Ck10303 » 12 Feb 2019

Forum does not allow contact info on here but still available. Would have to contact me through the site. :/

by Ck10303 » 13 Aug 2019

Looking again :)

by Sparks93 » 10 Oct 2019

I am interesting in talking more about donation. If you are still willing I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

by Ck10303 » 11 Oct 2019

Sure Charity.... hit me up :)

by NieNie30 » 15 Oct 2019

Can you donate now?????

by Ck10303 » 16 Oct 2019

Yes I can donate now NieNie :)

by Ck10303 » 04 Nov 2019

Bump :)

by Als88 » 09 Nov 2019

I am very interested in finding a donor. Please contact me so we can work out details. New to the site so I’m not sure how to message yet. If you could help with that too that would be perfect.

by Ck10303 » 10 Nov 2019

Oh all you need to do is look up the user name on the site. :)

by Tati95 » 21 Nov 2019

Hello I am looking for a sperm donor only no coparent me and my wife are trying to have a child but I am not fertile so I would love your help bringing in a bundle of joy into this world
I live in New York , USA if you could help please message me back THANK YOU

by Ck10303 » 26 Nov 2019

Sure Tati....send me a message through the site. I am in Staten Island.

by arabel » 28 Nov 2019

im in New Jersey, would love to chat


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