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by Peter76 » 28 Apr 2018

Hello, to you all

I am wanting to test the waters, so to speak, to see if there's any interest from you ladies wanting to have a sperm donation from a great guy. I am still very healthy, fit and agile, so don't let age bother you.

Ideally, I would love to have some contact with any child conceived, but I am prepared to discuss this further with you.

Interested? - then post a reply.

Thank you

by Lisa09 » 08 May 2018

I would be keen to
Learn more about you

by Peter76 » 14 May 2018

Hello Lisa09

Thank you for your message. I have tried to search your profile to see what I could learn about you, but the search came back with 'no results'. Are you still a member of CoParents.com?


by bex4126 » 28 Jun 2018

Hi there. I would be keen to talk. Whereabouts in NZ are you based?

by Peter76 » 04 Jul 2018

Hi bex4126

I live in Pukekohe, but I can/will travel for the right woman

by Latina91 » 06 Jul 2018

Hello, if you are still interested I would love to speak with you. My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor/

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