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by smily45 » 15 Feb 2013

Hi there, Not too sure where to start on here - only new, and have only just come across this website.

First of all, yes I am single - do if you're only willing to donate to couple then look no further :) Having a child is something I've wanted for over a year now - and as I finish my teaching degree; it becomes slightly more realistic and possible, though it's not just a one person thing as I'm finding out. I have councilled over the decision, and have thought about it 100% thoroughly so becoming a mother is definitely something I want. I may not have a male figure with me, but I have plenty of support so I can assure whomever helps - that I will not be alone in any way, shape or form. I have been told by people, to just go out for a night, and get pregnant that way - however I'm looking for that, I want someone honest and would like to get to semi know the person first. More so that when the kid turns 16, and asks about his/her dad, i can tell them they were a planned conception, not a result of a one night stand. I want to do this as proper as possible. I would consider the likes of co-parenting etc, and emailing photos and updating milestones etc if that was desired, however not looking for a relationship - that's not what I'm after.

wish me luck :)

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