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When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by richwebb » 05 Aug 2018


I'm a very fit and healthy 42 YO who regularly exercises. No STIs or STDs. Does not smoke, does not do drugs but occasionally drinks.

While I would like some updates along the journey, I understand if this is not what you want and will respect your choices. I will however leave contact details that can be used to contact me at any time in the future, including in the event that I pass so the child can be informed if needed.

I'm offering my services to couples and single woman whom are otherwise having trouble conceiving and require assistance.

I am well educated. Degree and diploma level. I self learn on other topics, but have not yet found a need for further formal education.

I am European, approximately 186cm tall, 5ft 10", green/blue eyes.

I am married and have my wife's permission/encouragement to be here. I am not offering any active co-parenting, but can make myself available if needed for example if the child would benefit emotionally and developmentally.

If you are interested please make contact so we can discuss what your needs are. It is also important to me to ensure the child will be well cared for so don't be surprised if I ask questions in return.

Thank You.

by Kizza1Sh » 02 Sep 2019

Hi very interested in a same sex relationship we would love a baby

by CandK » 08 Sep 2019

My wife and I are interested. Would love to share a couple of messages with you to see if things work out for both parties

by ELLEAN » 09 Sep 2019

Hello, I am very interested :)

by Teatop » 18 Sep 2019

Hi Id be really interested to chat more. Im Melbourne based with 1 child through a known uk donor (im from UK) and looking for a Melb based (ideally) donor to try for a second small one! Being from Uk, a donor who has some uk/European roots would be great.
Many thanks

by Ame12 » 26 Sep 2019

Hola soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina, estoy interesada en poder recibir tu donaciĆ³n. Podemos chatear?

by Aloizou » 01 Apr 2020

Would be really interested to chat more.
Looking for sperm donor.

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