Single woman seeking sperm donor in Calgary

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by EmB19 » 14 Sep 2020

27 year old single healthy female
Secure and stable job and home environment
Wonderful family and support system
1 previous pregnancy that ended in stillbirth without cause
Desperately long to carry children as well as foster and adopt in future
Seeking sperm donor in Calgary AB
Willing to discuss options, hoping for NI for the obvious reason of reducing expenses

by Topside » 17 Sep 2020

Hello EmB19, I read your post and I would be very interested in helping you. Please look over my profile, I would sign off any rights and obligations to the child, I just want to help people conceive and achieve their dream of becoming parents, which is not my dream.

Thank you

by Bford » 22 Sep 2020

how are you?
I can travel from Edmonton and have donated successfully in Calgary. Details if you reply or message me. I am in Calgary regularly.

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